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Universal Playground, part of the exhibition 'New Horizon' at Rademakers Gallery, Amsterdam. November 2020 - January 2021 (2).jpg (2).jpg (2).jpg (2).jpg Unknown  1.jpg (2).jpg (2).jpg (2).jpg (2).jpg (2).jpg (2).jpg (2).jpg (2).jpg (2).jpg (2).jpg (2).jpg

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In the presentation ‘Universal Playground’, Isa van Lier shows various works from her graduation project ‘ZEN SUPERMARKET’, in which she tried to make a combination between on the one hand the silence, calmness and wisdom of a Zen stone garden, as she encountered during her time in Japan, and on the other hand the abundant colorful richness that you can find in a supermarket in 2020, with it’s endless rows of plastic-packed colorful shapes. This emerged into a colorful room installation full of objects.

Now exhibiting at Rademakers Gallery, she tries to recreate this atmosphere again, connecting various works in a new setting. Turning the gallery into an ever-evolving, changing landscape of paintings and sculpture, that questions the boundaries between form and non-form, 2d and 3d, and between the metaphysical and the materiality.